Volume 10 Number 3 June 2012




1.  The use of remotely sensed data and ground survey tools to assess damage and monitor early recovery following the 12.5.2008 Wenchuan earthquake in China   

     Daniel Brown, Keiko Saito, Meng Liu, Robin Spence and Emily So, et al.


2.  The Haitian housing dilemma: can sustainability and hazard-resilience be achieved? 

    Tracy Kijewski-Correa and Alexandros A. Taflanidis


3.  Interactions between topographic irregularities and seismic ground motion investigated using a hybrid FD-FE method   

     Ariane Ducellier and Hideo Aochi


4 Numerical analysis of reinforced soil walls with granular and cohesive backfills under cyclic loads   

     Erol Guler, Elif Cicek, M. Melih Demirkan and Murat Hamderi

5.  Site effects evaluation in Málaga city’s historical centre (Southern Spain)   
T. Goded, E. Buforn and A. Macau

6.  Vulnerability and risk analysis of monuments in Málaga city’s historical centre (Southern Spain)  
T. Goded, J. Irizarry and E. Buforn

7.  Shaking table study and modelling of seismic behaviour of confined AAC masonry buildings  
Miha Tomaževič and Matija Gams

8.  Analysis of non-stationary structural systems by using a band-variable filter  
Rocco Ditommaso, Marco Mucciarelli and Felice Carlo Ponzo

9.  Evaluation of seismic vulnerability of a complex RC existing building by linear and nonlinear modeling approaches  
Silvia Caprili, Luca Nardini and Walter Salvatore


10.Understanding the trends in torsional effects in asymmetric-plan buildings  
Jui-Liang Lin, Keh-Chyuan Tsai and Ming-Chieh Chuang 


11.Capacity models for shear strength of exterior joints in RC frames: state-of-the-art and synoptic examination    
Carmine Lima, Enzo Martinelli and Ciro Faella


 12.Capacity models for shear strength of exterior joints in RC frames: experimental assessment and recalibration  

      Carmine Lima, Enzo Martinelli and Ciro Faella


13.Inertial interaction effects on deck isolated bridges   

      B. A. Olmos and J. M. Roesset

14.A knowledge-based software for the preliminary design of seismically isolated bridges   
George C. Manos, Stergios A. Mitoulis and Anastasios G. Sextos

15.Effectiveness of tune mass damper in the reduction of the seismic response of the structure   
 Zoran T. Rakicevic, Aleksandra Bogdanovic, Dimitar Jurukovski and Peter Nawrotzki