Volume 10 Number 4 August  2012




1.  High-frequency maximum observable shaking map of Italy from fault sources   

     Gaetano Zonno, Roberto Basili, Fabrizio Meroni, Gemma Musacchio and P. Martin Mai, et al.


2.  23 November 1980 Irpinia–Basilicata earthquake (Southern Italy): towards a full knowledge of the seismic effects 

    F. T. Gizzi, M. R. Potenza and C. Zotta


3.  Dynamic properties of low velocity alluvial deposits influencing seismically-induced shear strains: the Grottaperfetta valley test-site (Rome, Italy)   

     A. Caserta, S. Martino, F. Bozzano, A. Govoni and F. Marra


4Site characterization in the Vega Baja, SE Spain, using ambient-noise H/V analysis   

      M. García-Fernández and M. J. Jiménez

5.  Spatial variability of strong ground motion: novel system-based technique applying parametric time series modelling   
R. Rupakhety and R. Sigbjörnsson

6.  Support vector regression for estimating earthquake response spectra  
Jale Tezcan and Qiang Cheng

7 Monitoring the structural dynamic response of a masonry tower: comparing classical and time-frequency analyses  
Rocco Ditommaso, Marco Mucciarelli, Stefano Parolai and Matteo Picozzi

8 Problems associated with direct displacement-based design of concrete bridges with single-column piers, and some suggested improvements  
A. J. Kappos, I. G. Gidaris and K. I. Gkatzogias


9.  Re-centring capability of flag-shaped seismic isolation systems  
Donatello Cardone


10.Experimental analysis of the seismic response of one base-isolation building according to different levels of shaking: example of the Martinique earthquake (2007/11/29) Mw 7.3  
Philippe Gueguen 


11.Variations of the specific barrier model—part I: effect of subevent size distributions    
Benedikt Halldorsson and Apostolos S. Papageorgiou


 12.Variations of the specific barrier model—part II: effect of isochron distributions  

      Benedikt Halldorsson and Apostolos S. Papageorgiou