Volume 10, Issue 5, October 2012




1.  Consistency of ground-motion predictions from the past four decades: peak ground velocity and displacement, Arias intensity and relative significant duration   

     John Douglas


2.  Mesozonation of the Italian territory for the definition of real spectrum-compatible accelerograms 

    M. Rota, E. Zuccolo, L. Taverna, M. Corigliano


3.  Design spectra and amplification factors for Eurocode 8   

     Kyriazis Pitilakis, Evi Riga, Anastasios Anastasiadis 


4.  On the influence of site conditions and earthquake magnitude on ground-motion within-earthquake correlation: analysis of PGA data from TSMIP (Taiwan) network   

      Vladimir Sokolov, Friedemann Wenzel, Kuo-Liang Wen…

5.  Prediction of lateral spread displacement: data-driven approaches    
Zheng Liu, Solomon Tesfamariam

6.  Probabilistic seismic demand model for curved reinforced concrete bridges  
Nicola Tondini, Bozidar Stojadinovic

7 A hysteretic model for “frontal” walls in Pombalino buildings 
Helena Meireles, Rita Bento, Serena Cattari…

8 Simplified engineering tools for seismic analysis and design of traditional Dhajji-Dewari structures  
N. Ahmad, Q. Ali, M. Umar


9.  On the evaluation of the horizontal forces produced by grain-like material inside silos during earthquakes  
Stefano Silvestri, Giada Gasparini, Tomaso Trombetti…


10. Use of pseudo-negative stiffness dampers for reducing the seismic response of bridges: a benchmark study 
S. N. Madhekar, R. S. Jangid  


11. Experimental and numerical behaviour of hysteretic and visco-recentring energy dissipating bracing systems   
Antonio Di Cesare, Felice Carlo Ponzo, Domenico Nigro…


 12. Seismic response of poro-elastic seabed and composite breakwater under strong earthquake loading 

      Jianhong Ye