Volume 4 Number 2: “Impact of Natural Hazards on Urban Areas and Infrastructure”

Guest Editor: Maria Bostenaru Dan




1.  Preface

     Maria Bostenaru Dan


2.  Retrospective Prediction of Macroseismic Intensities Using Strong Ground Motion Simulation: The Case of the 1978 Thessaloniki (Greece) Earthquake (M6.5)

    Nikolaos Theodulidis, Zafeiria Roumelioti, Areti Panou, Alexandros Savvaidis, Anastasia Kiratzi, Vassilios Grigoriadis, Petros Dimitriu and Theodoros Chatzigogos

    Received: May 11, 2005                             Accepted: January 26, 2006


3.  The Event of 26th of December 2004 - the Biggest Earthquake in the World in the Last 40 Years

     Cvetan Sinadinovski
Received: June 28, 2005                           Accepted: December 20, 2005


4.  Simplified Method for Vulnerability Assessment of Dwelling Buildings and Estimation of Damage Scenarios in Catalonia, Spain
A. Roca, X. Goula, T. Susagna, J. Chávez, M. González and E. Reinoso
Received: Received: July 11, 2005            Accepted: November 20, 2005


5Road Network and Damaged Buildings in Urban Area: Short and Long Term Interaction
A. Goretti and V.Sarli
Received: July 25, 2005                             Accepted: January 3, 2006 


6Classification of Collapsed Buildings for Fast Damage and Loss Assessment
Christine Schweier and Michael Markus
Received: July 17, 2005                             Accepted: October 30, 2005 


7Rescue Operations and Demolition Works: Automating the Pneumatic Removal of Small Pieces of Rubble and Combination of Suction Plants with Demolition Machines
Sascha Gentes
Received: May 2, 2005                             Accepted: December 10, 2005 


8.  Book review of “World Housing Encyclopaedia – summary publication 2004”
Maria Bostenaru Dan



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