Volume 5 Number 3  July 2007




1.  Foundation Structure Systems over a Rupturing Normal Fault: Part I. Observations after the Kocaeli 1999 Earthquake

    Ioannis Anastasopoulos and George Gazetas

    Received: April 20, 2006                              Accepted: Jan. 7, 2007


2Foundation–Structure Systems over a Rupturing Normal Fault. Part II : Analysis of the Kocaeli Case Histories

     Ioannis Anastasopoulos and George Gazetas
Received: April 20, 2006                            Accepted: Jan. 8, 2007


3.  Nonlinear numerical method for earthquake site response analysis I- elastoplastic cyclic model & parameter identification strategy
Fernando Lopez-Caballero, Arezou Modaressi, and Hormoz Modaressi
Received: February 14, 2006                        Accepted: Jan. 23, 2007


4.  Nonlinear numerical methods for earthquake site response analysis II- case studies
Evelyne Foerster, Hormoz Modaressi, and Fernando Lopez-Caballero
February 14, 2006                        Accepted: March 1, 2007 


5.  Site effects of the 2002 Molise earthquake, Italy: Analysis of strong motion, ambient noise, and synthetic data from 2D modelling in San Giuliano di Puglia
A. Strollo, S.M. Richwalski, S. Parolai, M. R. Gallipoli, M. Mucciarelli, and R. Caputo
March 21, 2006                            Accepted: Jan. 22, 2007 


6.  What was the ground motion on Guadeloupe during the 2004 Les Saintes earthquake?
John Douglas
Received: December 29, 2006                      Accepted: April 14, 2007 


7.  An adaptive capacity spectrum method for assessment of bridges subjected to earthquake action
Chiara Casarotti and Rui Pinho
March 9, 2006                            Accepted: Jan. 22, 2007


8 Limit State Model For R.C. Bridge Joints Under Seismic Loading
D.Timosidis and S.J.Pantazopoulou
April 20, 2006                            Accepted: March 17, 2007 


9 Life-cycle cost analysis of design practices for RC framed structures
Nikos D. Lagaros
Received: May 22, 2006                            Accepted: May 6, 2007 


10.  A contribution to seismic shear design of R/C walls in dual structures
A.J. Kappos and P. Antoniadis
Received: August 25, 2006                         Accepted: May 18, 2007 


11.  A simplified approach for vulnerability assessment in moderate-to-low seismic hazard regions: application to Grenoble (France)
Philippe Guéguen and Clotaire Michel and Laele LeCorre
Received: October 2, 2006                          Accepted: March 17, 2007