Volume 5 Number 4  November 2007




1.  Seismic isolation of bridges using isolation systems based on flat sliding bearings

    Mauro Dolce, Donatello Cardone, Giuseppe Palermo

    Received: August 28, 2006                              Accepted: July 26, 2007


2Static versus modal analysis: influence on inelastic response of multi-storey asymmetric buildings

     A. Ghersi, E. Marino, and P. Rossi
Received: July 28, 2006                            Accepted: Aug 4, 2007


3.  Soil-structure interaction effects on an instrumented building
A. Zaicenco and V. Alkaz
Received: July 28, 2006                            Accepted: July 8, 2007


4.  Non-linear seismic behavior of structures with limited hysteretic energy dissipation capacity
Pierino Lestuzzi, Youssef Belmouden, and Martin Trueb
January 25, 2007                      Accepted: July 28,2007 


5.  Centrifuge Modeling of Seismic Response of Layered Soft Clay
M. H. T. Rayhani M. H. El Naggar
Received: November 29, 2006                            Accepted: July 28,2007


6.  Macroseismic effects related to strong ground motion: a study of the South Iceland earthquakes in June 2000
R. Sigbjörnsson,  S. Ólafsson,  J. Th. Snæbjörnsson

Received: March 21, 2007                                Accepted:
July 26, 2007


7.  Influence of parameters selection in Chebyshev filters on the strong motion data processing
Guergana Mollova and Frank Scherbaum
July 24, 2006                                 Accepted: July 26, 2007