Volume 6 Number 3  July 2008




1.  Attenuation relations for the intermediate depth Vrancea (Romania) earthquakes

    Vladimir Sokolov, Klaus-Peter Bonjer, Friedemann Wenzel, Bogdan Grecu, Mircea Radulian

    Received: November 13, 2007                             Accepted: March 3, 2008                 


2Investigating strong ground motion variability using analysis of variance and two-way-fit plots

     John Douglas and Pierre Gehl
Received:  June 12, 2007                                    Accepted: February 12, 2008                    


3.  A critical review of methods for pile design in seismically liquefiable soils
S.Bhattacharya and S.P.G.Madabhushi
Received: July 5, 2007                                        Accepted: May 2, 2008                 


4.  Centrifuge modeling of slope response to earthquake
Yuzhen Yu, Lijun Deng, He Lu
Received: February 21, 2007                               Accepted:
May 7, 2008                   


5.  The Global Earthquake Vulnerability Estimation System (GEVES): An Approach to Earthquake Risk Assessment for Insurance Applications
Robin Spence, Emily So, Sarah Jenny, Hervé Castella, Michael Ewald, Edmund Booth
Received: November 5, 2007                                Accepted: May
10, 2008                            


6.  Deriving Vulnerability Curves using Italian Earthquake Damage Data
Colombi, M., Borzi, B., Crowley, H., Onida, M., Meroni, F., Pinho, R
Received: September 12, 2007                              Accepted:
June 6, 2008                           


7.  Investigation of dynamic response of slender masonry monumental structures

     Adem Doğangün, Ramazan Acar, Halil Sezen, Ramazan Livaoğlu
Received: May 22, 2007                                      Accepted:
April 7, 2008                        


8.  The cyclic response of RC columns in precast industrial buildings                     
Matej Fischinger, Miha Kramar, Tatjana Isaković
Received: September 11, 2007                             Accepted:
February 26, 2008                      


9.  Displacement-Based Design For Seismic Retrofit Of Existing Buildings Using Nonlinear Viscous Dampers                     
Yu-Yuan Lin, Kuo-Chun Chang, Chang-Yu Chen
Received: May 30, 2007                                      Accepted:
January 18, 2008