Volume 7 Number 1  January 2009




1.  2007 August 15 magnitude 7.9 earthquake near the coast of Central Peru: analysis and field mission report

    Fabio Taucer, John E. Alarcon and Emily So

    Received: May 27, 2008                             Accepted: September 14, 2008


2Ground motions observed during the 15 August 2007 Pisco, Peru, earthquake

     Hernando Tavera, Isabel Bernal, Fleur O. Strasser, Maria C. Arango-Gaviria, John E. Alarcón, Julian J. Bommer
Received: April 7, 2008                                 Accepted: July 29, 2008


3.  A note on the M w 6.3 earthquake in Iceland on 29 May 2008 at 15:45 UTC
R. Sigbjörnsson, J. Th. Snæbjörnsson, S. M. Higgins, B. Halldórsson and S. Ólafsson
Received: June 16, 2008                        Accepted: August 23, 2008 


4.  Ground motion scenarios consistent with probabilistic seismic hazard disaggregation analysis. Application to Mainland Portugal
Maria Luísa Sousa and Alfredo Campos Costa
Received: December 29, 2007                        Accepted: August 23
, 2008 


5.  A comparison of seismic risk maps for Italy
Helen Crowley, Miriam Colombi, Barbara Borzi, Marta Faravelli, Mauro Onida, Manuel Lopez, Diego Polli, Fabrizio Meroni and Rui Pinho
Received: May 2, 2008                             Accepted: November 22
, 2008  


6.  An investigation of the significance of local site effects in Plovdiv, Bulgarian
Aleksandre Kandilarov, Kuvvet Atakan, Jens Havskov and Dragomir Gospodinov

    Received: November 14, 2007                             Accepted: September 14, 2008  


7.  Investigation of liquefaction and pore water pressure development in layered sands
Pelin Tohumcu Özener, Kutay Özaydýn and Mehmet M. Berilgen

    Received: February 11, 2008                             Accepted: July 29, 2008  


8.  Mitigation of the seismic motion near the edge of cliff-type topographies using anchors and piles
Constantine A. Stamatopoulos and Maria Bassanou

    Received: October 25, 2007                             Accepted: November 22, 2008  


9.  Deaggregation of seismic loss of spatially distributed buildings 
K. Goda and H. P. Hong

    Received: November 13, 2007                             Accepted: September 20, 2008  


10.Evaluation of reduction factors for high-damping design response spectra 
D. Cardone, M. Dolce and M. Rivelli

    Received: February 18, 2008                             Accepted: October 29, 2008  


11.Seismic upgrading of old masonry buildings by seismic isolation and CFRP laminates: a shaking-table study of reduced scale models
Miha Tomaževič, Iztok Klemenc and Polona Weiss

    Received: December 10, 2007                             Accepted: September 16, 2008 


12.Shake table tests of small- and full-scale laminated timber frames with moment connections 
Andreas Heiduschke, Bo Kasal and Peer Haller

    Received: March 21, 2007                             Accepted: July 18, 2008