Volume 7 Number 2  April 2009



Guest Editor:          Andreas J. Kappos




1.  Earthquake Protection of Bridges 

    Andreas J. Kappos

    Received: March 12, 2009                             Accepted: March 12, 2009


2Modeling the seismic response of integral bridges by consideration of embankment participation - Performance-based earthquake design

     A.N. Kotsoglou & S. J. Pantazopoulou
Received: December 14, 2007                                 Accepted: January 19, 2009


3.  Effect of torsional stiffness of prestressed concrete box girders and uplift of abutment bearings on seismic performance of bridges
T.B. Panagiotakos, C.P. Katsaras, B. Kolias
December 28, 2007                         Accepted: May 8, 2008 


4.  Shear effects on hollow piers under seismic actions. Experimental and numerical analysis.
R. Delgado, P. Delgado, N. Vila Pouca, A. Aręde, P. Rocha, A. Costa
Received: January 2, 2008                        Accepted: October 30
, 2008 


5.  Direct Displacement-Based Design of Seismically Isolated Bridges
D. Cardone, M. Dolce, G. Palermo
Received: January 2, 2008                             Accepted: May 2
, 2008  


6.  Experimental and analytical modelling of monolithic joints in concrete bridges
D. Timosidis & S. J. Pantazopoulou

    Received: January 9, 2008                             Accepted: December 17, 2008  


7.  Seismic fragility curves for Greek bridges - Methodology and case studies
I. Moschonas, A.J Kappos, P. Panetsos, V. Papadopoulos, T. Makarios, & P.Thanopoulos

    Received: January 2, 2008                             Accepted: June 6, 2008  


8.  Bridge Health Monitoring System Based on Vibration Measurements
E.Ntotsios, C. Papadimitriou, P. Panetsos, G. Karaiskos, K. Perros, S. Karamanos, F. Perdikaris

    Received: January 15, 2008                             Accepted: April 23, 2008  


9.  Structural Identification of Egnatia Odos Bridges Based on Ambient and Earthquake Induced Vibrations 
E. Ntotsios, C.Karakostas, V.Lekidis, P. Panetsos, I. Nikolaou, C. Papadimitriou, Τ. Salonikios, I. Sous

    Received: January 15, 2008                             Accepted: June 11, 2008  


10.System vs. Component Bent Response of a Two-Span Bridge System 
N. Johnson, M. Saiid Saiidi, D. Sanders

    Received: January 24, 2008                             Accepted: August 14, 2008  


11.Evaluation of the new Eurocode 8 - Part 2 provisions regarding multiple support excitation of bridges
A. Sextos, A. Kappos 

    Received: January 24, 2008                             Accepted: September 4, 2008 


12.Seismic Response of Yielding Pile-Columns in Nonlinear Soil  
N.Gerolymos, V.Drosos, G. Gazetas

    Received: November 28, 2008                             Accepted: March 17, 2009