Volume 8 Number 2 April 2010




1.  Seismic hazard and risk scenarios for Barcelona, Spain, using the Risk-UE vulnerability index method 

    N. Lantada, J. Irizarry, A. H. Barbat, X. Goula, A. Roca, T. Susagna and L. G. Pujades

    Received: August 28, 2008                            Accepted: August 1, 2009


2Obtaining estimates of the low-frequency ‘fling’, instrument tilts and displacement timeseries using wavelet decomposition

     A. A. Chanerley and N. A. Alexander
Received: December 11, 2008                      Accepted: July 30, 2009


3.  Equivalent linear substructure approximation of soil–foundation–structure interaction: model presentation and validation
Dimitris Pitilakis and Didier Clouteau
November 4, 2008                        Accepted: May 24, 2009 


4.  Analysis of cut-and-cover tunnels against large tectonic deformation
Ioannis Anastasopoulos and George Gazetas 
January 11, 2009                         Accepted: April 9, 2009 


5.  Soil failure can be used for seismic protection of structures
I. Anastasopoulos, G. Gazetas, M. Loli, M. Apostolou and N. Gerolymos  
April 9, 2009                               Accepted: July 17, 2009  


6.  Comparison of velocimeter and coherent lidar measurements for building frequency assessment
Philippe Gueguen, Véronique Jolivet, Clotaire Michel and Anne-Sophie Schveitzer

    Received: July 25, 2008                                Accepted: June 6, 2009  


7.  REXEL: computer aided record selection for code-based seismic structural analysis
Iunio Iervolino, Carmine Galasso and Edoardo Cosenza

    Received: March 9, 2009                              Accepted: July 17, 2009 


8.  Seismic evaluation of an existing complex RC building
Maja Kreslin and Peter Fajfar

    Received: May 27, 2009                               Accepted: August 27, 2009  


9.  Seismic response of nonstructural components in case of nonlinear structures based on floor response spectra method 
Marcelo Oropeza, Pascale Favez and Pierino Lestuzzi

    Received: May 21, 2008                               Accepted: June 28, 2009  


10.Interior wide beam-column connections in existing RC frames subjected to lateral earthquake loading 
A. Benavent-Climent, X. Cahís and J. M. Vico

    Received: March 10, 2009                             Accepted: July 16, 2009  


11.Experimental and analytical investigation of seismic stability of masonry walls at Beauharnois powerhouse 
Lidija Krstevska, Ljubomir Tashkov, Vladimir Gocevski and Mihail Garevski

    Received: December 12, 2008                       Accepted: July 9, 2009  


12.Analytical study on vulnerability functions for casualty estimation in the collapse of adobe buildings induced by earthquake 
Aiko Furukawa, Robin Spence, Yutaka Ohta and Emily So

    Received: August 15, 2008                            Accepted: July 16, 2009