Volume 8 Number 5 October 2010

Special Issue: Strong Motion Monitoring in Italy

Guest Editors: Lucia Luzi, Paolo Augliera and Antonella Gorini




1.  Strong motion monitoring in Italy

    Lucia Luzi, Paolo Augliera and Antonella Gorini


2.  The Italian strong motion network 

    Antonella Gorini, Mario Nicoletti, Paolo Marsan, Riccardo Bianconi and Rita De Nardis, et al.


3.  A strong motion network in northern Italy: detection capabilities and first analysis

     Paolo Augliera, Ezio D’Alema, Simone Marzorati and Marco Massa

4.  A prototype system for earthquake early-warning and alert management in southern Italy
LG. Iannaccone, A. Zollo, L. Elia, V. Convertito and C. Satriano, et al.

5.  A review of the activity of two accelerometric networks in Basilicata (Italy)
A. Attolico, M. R. Gallipoli, P. Harabaglia, V. Lapenna and M. Mucciarelli, et al. 

6.  The Friuli Venezia Giulia Accelerometric Network: RAF
Giovanni Costa, Luca Moratto and Peter Suhadolc  

7.  Italian strong motion database relative to the period 1972–2004: motivations and aims
Lucia Luzi, Fabio Sabetta, Francesco Mele and Barbara Castello


8.  The ITalian ACcelerometric Archive (ITACA): processing of strong-motion data
Marco Massa, Francesca Pacor, Lucia Luzi, Dino Bindi and Giuliano Milana, et al.


9.  Italian accelerometric archive: geological, geophysical and geotechnical investigations at strong-motion stations
Lucia Luzi, Sara Lovati, Ezio D’Alema, Simone Marzorati and Domenico Di Giacomo, et al.


10. Horizontal and vertical ground motion prediction equations derived from the Italian Accelerometric Archive (ITACA) 
D. Bindi, L. Luzi, M. Massa and F. Pacor