Volume 9 Number 2 April 2011




1.  Quantitative archaeoseismological investigation of the Great Theatre of Larissa, Greece

    R. Caputo, K.-G. Hinzen, D. Liberatore, S. Schreiber and B. Helly, et al


2.  Probabilistic seismic hazard assessment for Thailand 

    Teraphan Ornthammarath, Pennung Warnitchai, Kawin Worakanchana, Saeed Zaman and Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, et al.


3.  High-frequency filtering of strong-motion records 

     John Douglas and David M. Boore 

4.  The role of alternating outcrops of sediments and basaltic lavas on seismic urban scenario: the study case of Catania, Italy 
F. Panzera, R. Rigano, G. Lombardo, F. Cara and G. Di Giulio, et al

5.  Ground-shaking scenarios and urban risk evaluation of Barcelona using the Risk-UE capacity spectrum based method 
J. Irizarry, N. Lantada, L.G. Pujades, A.H. Barbat and X. Goula, et al.

6.  Comparison between non-linear dynamic and static seismic analysis of structures according to European and US provisions
Mehmed Causevic and Sasa Mitrovic  

7.  A seismic index method for vulnerability assessment of existing frames: application to RC structures with wide beams in Spain   
A. Benavent-Climent


8.  Nonlinear dynamic v elastic analysis for seismic deformation demands in concrete bridges having deck integral with the piers
Vasilios G. Bardakis and Michael N. Fardis


9.  A displacement-based seismic design procedure for concrete bridges having deck integral with the piers 
Vasilios G. Bardakis and Michael N. Fardis


10. Dimensional analysis of the earthquake-induced pounding between inelastic structures  
 Elias G. Dimitrakopoulos, Nicos Makris and Andreas J. Kappos


11. An assessment of IS codal provisions for the design of low rise steel moment frames through incremental dynamic analysis  
 Puneet Patra and Baidurya Bhattacharya 


12. Estimation of the seismic energy demands of two-way asymmetric-plan building systems  
 Jui-Liang Lin and Keh-Chyuan Tsai 


13. An overview of seismic testing needs in Europe: towards a new advanced experimental facility
 Francesco Marazzi, Ioannis Politopoulos and Alberto Pavese


14. Effects of isolation on the seismic response of bridges designed for two different soil types
 B. A. Olmos, J. M. Jara and J. M. Roesset


15. Smart restorable sliding base isolation system
Abdolrahim Jalali, Donatello Cardone and Peyman Narjabadifam


16. Vulnerability study on a large industrial area using satellite remotely sensed images 
Barbara Borzi, Fabio Dell’Acqua, Marta Faravelli, Paolo Gamba and Gianni Lisini, et al