Volume 9 Number 3 June 2011

Special Issue: The L'Aquila Earthquake - A View of Site Effects and Structural Behavior from Temporary Networks

Guest Editors: Marco Mucciarelli, Giovanna Cultrera and Stefano Parolai




1.  Introduction:  The L’Aquila earthquake—A view of site effects and building behavior from temporary networks

    Giovanna Cultrera, Marco Mucciarelli and Stefano Parolai


2.  Evaluation of site effects in the Aterno river valley (Central Italy) from aftershocks of the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake

    F. Bergamaschi, G. Cultrera, L. Luzi, R. M. Azzara and G. Ameri, et al.


3.  Separation of source and site effects by generalized inversion technique using the aftershock recordings of the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake

     G. Ameri, A. Oth, M. Pilz, D. Bindi and S. Parolai, et al.

4.  The contribution of seismic data in microzonation studies for downtown L’Aquila
G. Milana, R. M. Azzara, E. Bertrand, P. Bordoni and F. Cara, et al.

5.  Seismic response of L’Aquila downtown from comparison between 2D synthetics spectral ratios of SH, P-SV and Rayleigh waves and observations of the 2009 earthquake sequence
Paola Bordoni, John Haines, Giuliano Milana, Sandro Marcucci and Fabrizio Cara, et al.

6.  Local variability of the ground shaking during the 2009 L’Aquila earthquake (April 6, 2009—Mw 6.3): the case study of Onna and Monticchio villages
G. Di Giulio, S. Marzorati, F. Bergamaschi, P. Bordoni and F. Cara, et al.

7.  Site effects of the Roio basin, L’Aquila
E. Bertrand, A.-M. Duval, J. Régnier, R. M. Azzara and F. Bergamashi, et al.


8.  Peculiar earthquake damage on a reinforced concrete building in San Gregorio (L’Aquila, Italy): site effects or building defects?
Marco Mucciarelli, Marcello Bianca, Rocco Ditommaso, Marco Vona and Maria Rosaria Gallipoli, et al.


9.  Site effects “on the rock”: the case of Castelvecchio Subequo (L’Aquila, central Italy)
S. Marzorati, C. Ladina, E. Falcucci, S. Gori and M. Saroli, et al.


10. Frequency variation in site response as observed from strong motion data of the L’Aquila (2009) seismic sequence  
R. Puglia, R. Ditommaso, F. Pacor, M. Mucciarelli and L. Luzi, et al.