Volume 9 Number 5 October 2011




1.  Seismic noise array measurements using broadband stations and vertical geophones: preliminary outcomes for the suitability on f-k analysis

    J. J. Galiana-Merino, A. K. Mahajan, C. Lindholm, J. Rosa-Herranz and A. K. Mundepi, et al.


2.  Strong ground motion simulation by the Empirical Green’s Function method for Bursa-Yalova Region, Turkey

    Gülüm Tanırcan and Neval Savaş


3.  Influence of ground-motion correlation on probabilistic assessments of seismic hazard and loss: sensitivity analysis

     Vladimir Sokolov and Friedemann Wenzel

4.  Seismicity parameters for important urban agglomerations in India
S. T. G. Raghukanth

5.  A simplified 3D model for soil-structure interaction with radiation damping and free field input
V. Saouma, F. Miura, G. Lebon and Y. Yagome

6.  How to model rockburst seismic loads for civil engineering purposes?
Zbigniew Zembaty

7.  Site response studies and seismic microzoning in the Middle Aterno valley (L’aquila, Central Italy)
G. Lanzo, F. Silvestri, A. Costanzo, A. d’Onofrio and L. Martelli, et al.


8.  Istanbul geotechnical downhole arrays
Aslı Kurtuluş


9.  A performance-based adaptive methodology for the seismic evaluation of multi-span simply supported deck bridges
Donatello Cardone, Giuseppe Perrone and Salvatore Sofia


10. Intensity measures for response prediction of a torsional building subjected to bi-directional earthquake ground motion  
 Andrea Lucchini, Fabrizio Mollaioli and Giorgio Monti


 11. Implementation and verification of a masonry panel model for nonlinear dynamic analysis of infilled RC frames

      E. Smyrou, C. Blandon, S. Antoniou, R. Pinho and F. Crisafulli


12. Equivalent viscous damping for steel concentrically braced frame structures

      K. K. Wijesundara, R. Nascimbene and T. J. Sullivan

13. Modelling of elastic damping in nonlinear time-history analyses of cantilever RC walls
 Eleni Smyrou, M. J. Nigel Priestley and Athol J. Carr

14. Implications of structural overstrength on the calibration of seismic codes
 L. Sanchez-Ricart

15. On the design and seismic response of RC frame buildings designed with Eurocode 8
 Jorge A. Rivera and Lorenza Petrini

16. The relevance of energy damping in unreinforced masonry rocking mechanisms. Experimental and analytic investigations
 Luigi Sorrentino, Omar AlShawa and Luis D. Decanini


17. Shear building representations of seismically isolated buildings
 Cenk Alhan and Melih Sürmeli


18. Seismic response analysis of an irregular base isolated building
 L. Di Sarno, E. Chioccarelli and E. Cosenza


19. Semi-active control of the benchmark highway bridge based on seismic early warning systems
Giuseppe Maddaloni, Nicola Caterino and Antonio Occhiuzzi