Statement of Editorial and Publication Policies

  1. Manuscripts submitted to this journal should not have been published, or simultaneously submitted elsewhere.
  2. Submitted articles should largely contain previously unreported material. The overlap of contents between related papers should be the minimum, normally confined to the introductory/review sections.
  3. Authors should provide information and preprints on any papers closely related to the submitted paper, which are not yet in the public domain (in review, in press). If deemed necessary to the review process, these will be copied to the reviewers.
  4. Authors should consult the Journal’s “Authors Instructions” for detailed stylistic guidelines, during preparation of their manuscripts. Editors may return manuscripts that are grossly inconsistent with these guidelines.
  5. Where the submitted manuscript is multi-authored, one individual will need to be the corresponding author. It will be assumed that all the authors have been involved in the work, have approved the manuscript, and agree to its submission.
  6. Manuscripts will be sent to at least two reviewers. Reviewers are requested to treat the manuscript confidentially. They may choose to identify themselves, or remain anonymous.
  7. The Editor’s judgement is final with regard to suitability for publication.
  8. The Publisher carries responsibility for typesetting, page lay-out and figure sizing, for all accepted papers.
  9. Authors are responsible for reading and correcting page proofs of their articles. Proof corrections are normally restricted to typesetting and printing errors. Major changes can not be undertaken at the proof stage.