Minutes of the Second Meeting

March 31, 1995 , Istanbul, Turkey

            The President presented his report briefly summarising, (a) his activities concerning 10th ECEE giving the final numbers about the participation and the financial aspects of the conference, (b) his efforts and about the possibility for finding funds for WG activities from EU, and (c) his approach for the reorganisation.

            The Secretary-General informed briefly about (a) his participation to the General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission in Athens in September 1994 and the possibility of establishing joint working groups in the future, (b) the activities of the Central Office and related correspondence with Unesco and other organisations, (c) the replies received from the representatives of the member countries concerning the national organisations, (d) the draft proposal for the reorganisation.

            The Draft Proposal for Reorganisation was discussed in detail and certain modifications were made. There was a general agreement on the final form of the document given in the following section. It was decided to ask the support and suggestions of remaining Executive Committee Members, as well as of all National Representatives and Working Group Conveners. It was also decided to initiate the implementation of the Proposal for Reorganisation by informing all the nominated Coordinators and Co-Conveners and to reevaluate the proposal in the light of the suggestions received during the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

            It was also discussed that it would be necessary to make some revisions in the Statutes of EAEE to accommodate Task Groups. The Secretary-General will prepare some suggestions for the modification of the Statutes to be discussed in the next meeting.

            It was agreed to use the funds secured by the President Dr.Flesch to organise a two day meeting for the newly proposed TG3 in Vienna during June 1995. One day of this meeting will be open to public and will be conducted as a seminar with some invited lectures and with presentations of the TG3 members.

            The invitation of Prof.Eisenberg to have an Executive Committee meeting during the Seismo-Isolation Workshop in St.Peterburg in the summer of 1996 was tentatively accepted.

            The Vice-President Bisch gave information about the preparations for the 18th Regional Seminar to be held during 4-8 September 1995 in the Ecole Centrale de Lyon. The Seminar and accommodation will be free of charge. It is anticipated that 80 participants will attend the seminar. According to the preliminary program there will be about 20 invited lectures and 32 short presentations by young scientists.

            A decision was reached to have the next Executive Committee meeting in Lyon during the 18th RSEE, tentatively on September 5, Tuesday afternoon at 15:30.

            Dr.Bisch also explained the activities related to the organisation of the 11th ECEE to be held in 1998 in Paris and presented the report related to the preparations of the 11th ECEE.

            ;The preliminary application for the membership of the Polish Group was approved. The membership of the Polish Society will be officially reviewed, after the formal application is received by the Central Office.

            The formal application of Prof.Bozidar S.Pavicevic, the President of Yugoslav Association of Earthquake Engineering has been discussed. As decided in the First Executive Committee Meeting in Vienna, there was a general agreement that in order for the Executive Committee of EAEE to consider the application of the Yugoslav Association for Earthquake Engineering, the sanctions against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro) defined in UN Resolution 757 of May 30, 1992 under the paragraph 8c and 11 should be released.

            The meeting of the Executive Committee ended with the thanks of the President to all of the participating members.