Minutes of the Fourth Meeting

August 31, 1996, Istanbul, Turkey


Item 1:           The Agenda of the Meeting was accepted without any changes.

Item 2:           The minutes of the Third Executive Committee Meeting was approved and signed by all members present.

Item 3:           The President presented his report. He explained briefly his activities and future plans concerning EAEE and EAEE Task Groups. He summarised his visit to Skopje, Macedonia and ISMES, Italy. He gave information about the Acapulco Conference and about the sessions held on EC8.

Item 4:           Dr.Bisch the Vice-President presented his report concerning 11th ECEE. He explained the activities of the organising committee and preparations undertaken for the organisation of the conference in Paris in 1998.

Item 5:           Secretary General presented his report summarising his activities and the activities of the Central Office.

Item 6:           Application of membership of Georgian Republic has been discussed and tentatively approved. The former application of Yugoslavia National Committee was considered since UN sanctions are being removed.

Item 7:           Task Groups

            7.1.The outcome and the suggestions of different participants presented in the first meeting of TG1 held in UK was discussed. There was general agreement on the importance of TG1 in the light of developments concerning seismic codes. It was decided to modify the goals of TG1 and make them more general to include the application of EC8 to actual case studies and comparison with non EU codes. The program of the Special Theme Session on EC8 in 11th ECEE was discussed. There was a general agreement to organise the one day session in three parts. It was decided to suggest to the Organising Committee that the first part could be devoted to examples of application and implementation of EC8, the second part could be on comparison of EC8 with other existing codes and third part could be directly related to the topics and discussions on EC8.

            7.2.The Secretary General and the President summarised the activities of TG3 concerning the preparation of the proposal by Prof.M.Dolce that is submitted to EC for the formation of a network on "Seismic Risk, Vulnerability and Earthquake Scenarios".

            7.3.The Secretary General summarised the first meeting and planned activities of the Task Group 6 on Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Microzonation.

            7.4 The Secretary General summarised the activities of TG8 activities based on the information he received from the Prof.Rutenberg the Coordinator of TG8.

            7.5 Possibilities to activate TG5 were discussed. There was a general agreement that Prof.Eisenberg should get in contact with Prof.Jurukovski to find about the present situation. The Executive Committee suggested that if possible Prof.Eisenberg should try to organise a meeting of TG5 during 1997.

            7.6. Prof.Nenov summarised his plans for WG4 and about the WG meeting in 1997 in Bulgaria.

Item 8:           The Secretary General gave information about the EAEE Bulletin. There was a general agreement to improve the contents of the Bulletin by including research abstracts, selected papers, information regarding to software developments and about different activities in the field of earthquake engineering. It was decided to distribute the Bulletin to all national committees in the world. The Secretary General summarised the preparations about Internet Home Page and there was a general agreement to establish an EAEE home page on Internet including all related information about EAEE and also the Bulletins.

Item 9:           The relationship with ESC and activites concerning the upcoming General Assembly of ESC in Iceland are summarised by the Secretary General. It was decided to propose to ESC to form a another joint Task Group on "Strong Motion Records and Data Analysis" after discussing this issue with the Coordinator Prof.Ambraseys.

Item 10:         It was decided to seek for nominations from member countries to organise the Regional seminar in 1997 and in the coming years and for the next European Conference after Paris. The regional seminars are considered as a very important activity of EAEE since the main aim of these seminars is to inform and educate young engineers and scientists in the field of earthquake engineering. The possibility of having a regional seminar in Italy in 1997 is discussed and Prof.Castellani agreed to work on this suggestion.

Item 11:         The place and the time for the next Executive Committee Meeting was left flexible. If no Regional Seminar could be organised, the proposal of Dr.Juhasova as Bratislava and the proposal of Prof.Eisenberg as St.Peterburg were accepted as two possibilities.