Sixth Executive Committee Meeting

Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Thursday, December 4, 1997

  1. Approval of the Agenda
  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Fifth Ex.Com. Meeting
  3. Report of the President
  4. Report of the Vice-President Dr.P.Bisch about 11th ECEE
  5. Report of the Secretary General
  6. Task Group Activities
  7. The EAEE Bulletin
  8. Rules for EAEE Regional Seminars
  9. Report of Prof.M.Sobaih about European Regional EE Seminar
  10. The place and the date for the next Ex.Com.Meeting
  11. Miscellaneous

Item 1: The agenda of the meeting was accepted without any changes.

Item 2: The minutes of the Fifth Executive Committee Meeting were approved and signed by all members present.

Item 3: The President informed the Committee of and expressed his condolences for the death of Acad.Georgi Brankov from Bulgaria who was the co-founder, past president and honorary member of EAEE. He outlined his preparations concerning the EC8 Special Session that will take place during the 11th ECEE in Paris. He summarised his activities after the unfortunate Luxor event concerning the organisation of the 19th EREES.

            The President suggested that it would be worthwhile to collate information on earthquake engineering programmes and courses offered in universities in the member countries. After discussing this issue, it was decided to carry out a survey among member associations to compile information about the earthquake engineering courses and programmes offered in undergraduate and graduate levels at universities in member countries.

            The Executive Committee also discussed about the possibilities of organising short courses on earthquake engineering in different member countries in co-operation with the national associations.

Item 4. Vice-President Dr.Bisch outlined his report informing the Executive Committee of the latest developments in the organisation of the 11th ECEE since the 5th Executive Committee Meeting held in Paris in June 1997. He reported that in the light of the 950 abstracts received, the Organising Committee has decided to reserve larger rooms in the conference centre and to publish the proceedings on CD-Rom with an additional printed abstract volume also containing some of the selected invited lectures. He presented the draft technical programme and the decision about the registration fee. Various aspects concerning the organisation of the conference were discussed. The Executive Committee approved all the preparations presented for the organisation of the 11th ECEE in Paris.

Item 5: The Secretary General presented his report summarising the activities of the Central Office. He informed the Committee of the publication of the bulletin, the activities of the ESC/EAEE Joint Task Groups, the ESC Business Meeting on August 22, 1997 in Thessaloniki and the Extraordinary UNESCO/NGO Conference on September 20, 1997 in Paris.

Item 6: The Secretary General also summarised the present situation concerning the Task and Working Groups. Prof.Castellani, the Coordinator of TG9 on " Repair and Strengthening in Seismic Regions " summarised his activities and intentions and presented the list of current members of TG9. The list of members was approved by the Executive Committee.

            According to the adopted rules for EAEE, all Task Groups need to be evaluated based on their activities and the present Executive Committee should prepare a general report with recommendations concerning the extension of each Task Group to the new Executive Committee that will be elected in Paris. It was agreed that the Secretary General should prepare the draft report based on the available information about the activities of the present Task Groups to be distributed to all Executive Committee members sometime in June to be discussed and finalised during the last Executive Committee Meeting in Paris.

Item 7: The Secretary General summarised his activities and suggestions concerning the future issues of the EAEE Bulletin. There was a general agreement within the Executive Committee that it would be interesting and useful to publish extended research abstracts and abstracts of related technical reports related mostly to experimental findings, practical applications and popular topics. It was also decided to publish short abstracts of all presentations made by young researchers and invited lecturers during the 19th EREES in the coming issues of the Bulletin.

Item 8: The Guidelines for EAEE Regional Seminars prepared by the Secretary General were discussed. It was decided that anybody who wants to participate in EAEE regional seminars and willing to pay the specified registration fee and his/her expenses should be accepted. Depending on the programme, young researchers other than those nominated by their National Associations may submit abstracts and may make short presentations during the seminar. There was general agreement that outside the invited lecturers no formal presentations or papers may be accepted or included in the programme of the seminar. The Executive Committee adopted the Guidelines and approved its dissemination to all national delegates.

Item 9:             Prof.M.Sobaih, summarised his activities related to the organisation of the regional seminar. He mentioned that they received a large number of applications from abroad to attend the seminar but due to the Luxor event large numbers of participants cancelled afterwards. According to preliminary figures, 10 lecturers and 20 participants from abroad came to Cairo. He expressed his gratitude to those who decided to come to Cairo for the seminar. He mentioned that the seminar attracted a large number of Egyptian participants, about 110, which is more than the number of participants that attended the last Egyptian National Conference. He expressed his thanks to the EAEE Executive Committee for all their support and expressed the willingness of the Egyptian Society for Earthquake Engineering to collaborate more with EAEE and to take part in the future activities.

Item 10:           It was decided to have the next and the last Executive Committee Meeting during the 11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering in Paris, France on Monday Evening, September 7, 1998.

Item 11.           Prof.Elnashai informed the Executive Committee of the activities of SECED concerning UK bid for organising the 12th ECEE SECED has approved a budget for the bid and a brochure is currently under preparation. It will be ready in March 1998.

            The Executive Committee discussed the possible bids for the 12th ECEE to be held in 2002. It was decided that in order to be able to evaluate the bids and decide on the priority list within the national organisations, it is necessary to receive the bids at the latest by the end of May 1998. No last minute bids will be accepted and a bid document is essential, not only a letter of intent.

            The letter from Prof.Ciesielski from Poland concerning; (1) the membership of Poland, (2) formation of a new task group on "Paraseismic Engineering" and (3) proposal to organise a regional seminar in Poland were discussed. The Executive Committee suggested that Poland should establish an independent National Committee of Earthquake Engineering with its own set of rules and statutes. It was decided to leave the proposal to establish a new Task Group to be evaluated by the new Executive Committee to be elected in Paris. It was agreed that the proposal to organise a future Earthquake Engineering Seminar would be discussed after the approval of the official status of Polish National Committee on Earthquake Engineering.

             The preliminary proposals from Skopje, Germany and Bulgaria to organise future European Regional Earthquake Engineering Seminars that were discussed previously in the 5th Executive Committee Meeting were reviewed. It was decided to forward the adopted Guidelines to the related National Delegates to inquire about their intentions and to finalise the seminar calender.

            The meeting ended with closing remarks of the President Prof.Flesch thanking the Egyptian Association for Earthquake Engineering and its President Prof.Dr.Mohammed Sobaih for the successful organisation of the 19th EREES and for the hospitality shown to all Executive Committee Members and participants of the seminar.


Atilla M Ansal

Secretary General