First Executive Committee Meeting

Paris, France

Monday, September 11, 1998

The First Meeting of the newly elected Executive Committee of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering was held in Paris on Friday afternoon, September 11, 1998 after the Closing Ceremony of the 11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering. The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President.

    1. Approval of the Agenda
    2. Opening Remarks from the President
    3. Opening Remarks from the Secretary General
    4. Task Group Reports & Activities
    5. Future Activities
    6. Time & Place of next meeting
    7. Miscellaneous

Item 1:           The Agenda of the Meeting was approved by all members.

Item 2:           The President made a brief presentation. He expressed his welcome to all Members of the newly elected Executive Committee. He summarised his ideas concerning future activities as:

Item 3:           Secretary General summarised his ideas concerning the future EAEE activities and outlined his suggestions as:

Item 4:           Secretary General informed the Executive Committee about existing Task Groups and Working Groups and summarised their present situation as:

In the TG1 meeting held during the SECED Conference in Chester, the experts in this field suggested that it would not be feasible and productive to have another committee activity on EC8 since it has been discussed thoroughly and certain consensus have reached among the partners. Thus, the activities of TG1 almost ended. The main purpose of TG1 was to evaluate the structural aspects of EC8. There is a new suggestion by B.Mohammadioun and P.Y.Bard to establish a TG on design earthquake characteristics related to site conditions in EC8 that can be considered as the new topic for TG1. In this respect Dr.Bisch suggested that one other possibility for TG1 is to consider future codes.

TG2 is a joint group of EAEE and ESC with Prof.Ambraseys as Coordinator for both associations. In the meeting held during the conference, the decision to establish a data bank of strong motion records was discussed and adopted. The data bank will be available to the contributing partners in the first stage and in the future, the data bank will be open to public.

TG3 is one of the very active task groups. They have a network project financed by EU. Prof.Dolce gave information about the future activities of TG3.

TG4 is the continuation of one the oldest working groups. The Coordinator Prof.Yarar has proposed that Prof.Tomazevic be the Co-Convener for this task group.

The group had no meetings during the past four years. The Coordinator of the TG5, Prof. Jurukovski has proposed to organise a Colloquium on this topic to be held during 1999. There is also a proposal by Prof.Eisenberg to organise a TG5 meeting during the forthcoming St.Petersburg conference.

TG6 is one of the joint groups of EAEE and ESC. They have organised number of TG meetings and two symposiums during ESC General Assemblies and they are planing to organise another one during the forthcoming IUGG in Birmingham UK.

Dr.Duarte, the Coordinator of TG7 expressed his wish to leave his post and suggested that Prof.Carydis should be the new Coordinator. Prof.Roy Severn who coordinates the shaking table projects in Europe also expressed his interest in this TG.

TG8 is another active task group. They have organised a workshop in Italy and they are planing to organise another one in Turkey during 1999.

TG9 was established in 1996 with the Coordinator Alberto Castellani. The Coordinator forwarded related literature to all members of the group. Prof.Castellani will try to organise a group meeting and a workshop on the subject in Umbrio, Italy in 1999.

WG4 had a meeting during the conference. The Convener Prof.Nenov informed us that they have decided to end the activities of WG4 that was going on for the past 17 years. The WG produced a report about the topic that will be published in the coming issues of EAEE Bulletin.

There was not much activity during the past four years, however, the topic is still very important and the Convener, Prof.Srymakezis has been very active in this area. Different conferences were organised on this topic lately. Therefore it was discussed that it would be suitable to modify WG7 as TG10 and try to accelerate the activities of the TG in the coming years.

The working group had a meeting during the conference. Prof.Sandi the Convener of WG10 informed the Committee that there was an interest to extend the activities of WG10. The paper presented in the conference concerning WG10 activities will also be published in the coming issues of the EAEE Bulletin.

Item 5: Secretary General gave information concerning the past proposals for organising regional seminars. Different possibilities were discussed and it was decided that the Secretary General should inquire about the future possibilities by getting in contact with the related delegates to finalise the proposals for 1999 and 2000. The possibilities are Bulgaria, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Macedonia, Germany, Poland and Yugoslavia.

Item 6: The date for the next meeting was discussed. March was decided as the most possible month.

Item 7: The meeting ended with the thanks of the President.


Atilla M Ansal

Secretary General