Seventh Executive Committee Meeting

Paris, France

Monday, September 6, 1998

Item 1: :         The Agenda of the Meeting was accepted without any changes.

Item 2:           The minutes of the Sixth Executive Committee Meeting were approved and signed by all members present.

Item 3:           The President made a short presentation about his activities and about his preparations for the 11th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

Item 4:           Vice-President Dr.Bisch outlined the activities related to the preparations for the Conference. He explained the major ideas and procedures that are being implemented and summarised the organisational issues related to the Conference. Preliminary statistics were given about the number of participants. He also explained briefly the financial aspects and informed the Committee about the support offered to some participants and to students. He expressed his thanks to all Committee members for their support and welcomed them to Paris and to the Conference.

Item 5:           The Secretary General summarised his report concerning the activities of the Central Office during the last four years. He informed the Committee about the Task Group and Working Group reports. He outlined the activities of the Task and Working Groups and about joint Task Groups with European Seismological Commission. He introduced Dario Slejko to the Executive Committee who will be representing ESC in EAEE during the next term. He expressed his thanks to all Committee members for their support during the last four years.

Item 6:           Short presentations summarised below were made by the Task and Working Group Conveners and Coordinators concerning their suggestions and observations about their activities.

D.Jurukovski, the Coordinator of TG5, summarised his past observations and difficulties encountered in the Task Group activities. He suggested that one alternative mode of EAEE activity and cooperation among member associations can be workshops or colloquiums organisations on special topics related to different themes that could bring researcher and practitioner together.

A.Ansal, the Coordinator of TG6, summarised the approach adopted in TG6 that is a joint Task Group of EAEE and ESC. He also suggested organising independent special workshops and establishing special networks within the framework of TG activities.

P.Carydis mentioned about the importance of EAEE input in the drafting of testing procedures and specifications in topics related to earthquake engineering that could be considered within the framework of Task Group activities.

J.Eisenberg briefly explained the activities in Russia and invited everybody to take part in the forthcoming conference in June 1999 in St.Petersburg.

A.Castellani, Coordinator of TG9, summarised their approach and about the possibilities for the future. He stressed the importance of sharing information and establishing networks for exchanging ideas.

D.Nenov, Convener of WG4, summarised the past activities of the Working Group and outlined his suggestions for ending the WG4 activities.

C.Syrmakezis, Convener of WG7, explained briefly the status of the Working Group, and about the financial difficulties related to WG activities. He suggested that one possibility is to find national support for TG and WG activities. He pointed out the importance of exchange of information and suggested that workshops and seminars can be very fruitful in achieving this goal.

H.Sandi, Convener of WG10, explained briefly the present situation in the Working Group and informed the Committee about his plans concerning the Working Group meeting.

M.Dolce, Coordinator of TG3, summarised the activities of TG3 related to the EU project, and about their plans for harmonising methodologies, planned case studies, and about the future activities of TG3.

There was a general agreement in the Executive Committee that it would be very fruitful and beneficial if speciality workshops and colloquiums can be organised by EAEE Task Groups and National Societies and that EAEE should encourage and support these activities.

Item 7:           Membership applications from Ukrainian National Association for Earthquake Engineering, Polish National Committee on Earthquake and Paraseismic Engineering, and Yugoslavian Association for Earthquake Engineering were discussed. It was decided to consider the membership of the Ukrainian National Committee when their application documents are submitted to the Central Office. Since the necessary documents have already been submitted and were reviewed by the Secretary General, the membership of Polish National Committee on Earthquake and Paraseismic Engineering and Yugoslavian Association for Earthquake Engineering were approved by the Executive Committee as the 27th and 28th members of the EAEE. It was decided to invite the Delegates of both societies to EAEE General Assembly to take place on September 8, 1998.

Item 8:           The Secretary General informed the Committee concerning the publication of the Bulletin. He suggested that the Central Office would be able to mail each Bulletin directly to the members of the national societies if national societies would be willing to support the additional mailing cost of 1 US$ per issue. President R. Flesch informed the Committee about the possibility of combining DACH and EAEE Bulletins. It was suggested that efforts should be made in the future to include more research abstracts as well as summaries of ongoing EU projects related to earthquake engineering.

Item 9:           Organisational aspects of the EAEE General Assembly and the Agenda was discussed and approved

Item 10:         The proposal of SECED of UK for organising the 12th ECEE in London and the application of P.Carydis, the Delegate of Greek member society, to organise the 12th ECEE in Greece were reviewed and approved to be considered during the EAEE General Assembly.

Item 11:         The meeting ended with the closing remarks of President R. Flesch. He expressed his thanks and congratulations to P.Bisch, the Chairman of the Organising Committee of 11th ECEE and he thanked all Executive Committee members for their interest and cooperation during his term in office.

Atilla M Ansal

Secretary General