The objectives of EAEE is to promote regional cooperation among scientists and engineers in the field of earthquake engineering;  

to advance the research front in the field of earthquake engineering,

to contribute and to support all related research and educational activities,

to play an active role in organizing the research and educational activities in Europe in the field of earthquake engineering,

to play an active role in all aspects of mitigation of the effects of earthquakes in Europe and set a model for other national, regional and international organisations to follow in earthquake risk mitigation.

The association will accomplish these objectives by :

  holding regular conferences every four years in Europe;

  holding regional seminars and workshops for young scientists and engineers;

  exchanging information, data and expertise for establishing data banks;

  establishing and extending technical cooperation and joint projects among Members;

  providing and introducing new publications, research reports, and a technical journal in the field of Earthquake Engineering;

  cooperating with the activities of international societies with which the Association is affiliated, and working together with suitable NGOs and non- profit organisations to improve and advance the science, social and educational aspects of earthquake engineering as well as for mitigating the earthquake risk in seismically active member countries through joint projects;

  making all efforts to raise funds for research and for improving the capabilities of the Association to become a non-profit and non-governmental organisation with well established financial plan and perspectives.