Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting

Number : 5     Date : January 12, 2002          Place : London, UK

Attendance :

Philippe Bisch, President

Rainer Flesch, Vice President

Atilla Ansal, Secretary General

Panayotis Carydis, Ex.Com.Mem.Greece

Martin Koller, Ex.Com.Mem.Switzerland

Absentee :

Amr S. Elnashai, Vice President

Franco Braga, Secretary

Carlos S. Oliveira, Ex.Com.Mem.Portugal

Miha Tomazevic, Ex.Com.Mem.Slovenia


The Fifth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering was held in London, UK on Saturday, January 12, 2002 between 2:30 pm and 4:30 pm following the joint meeting between the EAEE Executive Committee and 12th ECEE Organising Committee.  The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President

Agenda :

1.                Approval of the Agenda

2.                Approval of the Minutes of the Fourth Ex.Com. Meeting

3.                Introduction by the President

4.                Report of the Vice-President Prof.R.Flesch

5.                Report of the Secretary General

6.                EAEE Statutes

7.                EAEE Technical Journal

8.          Miscellaneous


Item 1:     The Agenda of the Meeting was approved by all members present.

Item 2:     The minutes of the Fourth Executive Committee Meeting were approved and signed by all the Executive Committee Members present in the meeting.

Item 3:  The President expressed his thanks to the members of the Executive Committee that came for the meeting.  He stressed the importance of finalizing the changes in the EAEE Statutes so that it can be opened for postal balloting.  He also mentioned the need for harmonizing the zonation maps for Europe.  He suggested that EAEE can play an important role in this process.  

The Executive Committee discussed the meeting held in the morning with the Organising Committee of the 12th ECEE.  The suggestions and arrangements made by the Organising Committee were approved.  Despite all the sympathy for the good preparation of the 12th ECEE by our British colleagues, all the members of the Executive Committee expressed their concern about both the high conference fee and the absence of scholarships for colleagues of economically weak countries.

Item 4:   Vice-President Prof. Rainer Flesch presented his report briefly.  He gave information concerning the reorganization in his institute and about the implementation of the new earthquake code in Austria.  He summarized the EU Projects that he was taking part and explained the SAMCO Thematic Network Project that has been initiated.  He also expressed his concern in the limitations in the 6th framework related to earthquake engineering.  He stressed the importance for lobbying in EU for earthquake engineering.

Prof.Carydis proposed to prepare a Resolution to be signed by the General Assembly towards increasing research funds in the field of earthquake engineering.  He also suggested getting in contact with European Science Foundation.

Item 5:    The Secretary General informed the Committee about the developments concerning the session allocated for the TG reports during the 12th ECEE and about the Bulletin for the year 2001 that is being edited and that will be ready for printing by February.  He briefed the Committee about the move of the EAEE Central Office to Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute and about his efforts for establishing the EAEE library in the new Central Office.  He summarized his activities and EAEE involvement in the seminar on “Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Microzonation” and about the Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering Satellite Conference on “Lessons Learned from Recent Strong Earthquakes” that took place in August 2001.   

Prof.Carydis explained the developments in the Technical Chamber of Greece concerning the establishment of the Greek National Committee of Earthquake Engineering. 

Item 6:     The Draft EAEE Statutes was reviewed, some final revisions were made.  It was decided to open the Draft Statutes for postal balloting in order to have the next EAEE General Assembly with the new Statutes.  The Secretary General was asked to initiate the postal balloting.

Item 7:     The Executive Committee discussed the possibilities concerning the publication of EAEE Journal that could be forwarded to the members of the EAEE.  The Committee approved the publication of the Bulletin of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering as peer reviewed EAEE Technical Journal and it was agreed that the Secretary General should proceed with the idea and inform the Executive Committee about the developments.

Item 8:    The Executive Committee discussed the formation and the responses received from National Delegates concerning EAEE Charta for the support of post earthquake missions.  It was decided to ask one more time all National Delegates the names of the National Representatives and insert this information in EAEE web page.

The Executive Committee has decided to exchange information by e-mail and if needed to have a meeting in Istanbul on June 22, 2002.   The meeting ended with the thanks of the President to all those present and to Dr. May for their hospitality and for organising the joint meeting.


Atilla Ansal

Secretary General