Number : 2                             Date : November 22, 2003                            Place : Geneva, Switzerland

Attendance :

Absentee :

Robin Spence, President

Pierre-Alain Nazé, France

Panayotis Carydis, Vice President

Rafael Blasquez, Spain

Martin Koller, Vice President

Peter Fajfar, Slovenia 

Atilla Ansal, Secretary General

Roger Musson, ESC Representative

Mauro Dolce, Secretary


Rainer Flesch, Treasurer


Carlos Oliveira, Portugal


Prologue :

The second Meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering was held in Geneva, Switzerland, upon the kind invitation of the Vice-President Dr. Martin Koller and Swiss Society for Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, on Saturday November 22, 2003 between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President.

Agenda :

1.    Approval of the Agenda

2.    Contacts and initiatives with EU

3.    Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering

4.    Applications for National Memberships

5.    Individual Memberships and Budget

6.    Task Groups

7.    Joint EAEE & ESC Conference in 2006

8.    ESC General Assembly in 2004

9.    EU F6 LessLoss Project

10.    Regional Seminars

11.    Bulletin of EAEE

12.    Guidelines for EAEE Conferences

13.    Miscellaneous

Item 1:    The Agenda of the Meeting was approved by all members present. 

Item 2:    The President summarised the meeting with Mr. Mihail Papagiannakis, MEP for Greece and his recent correspondence with Mrs Margot Wallström, European Commissioner for the Environment, and with Mr Anver Ghazi, Head of Environment and Climate Research Team, DG12 of EU.
The Executive Committee discussed the possible activities that can be organised under the EU umbrella. One possibility was the organization of European Workshop similar to one held in Belgirate in 2000. It was decided to make some efforts to draft “EAEE Earthquake Safety Policy” to be reviewed by National Delegates and respective National Member Associations later to be submitted to EU and, if can be managed, to organise a meeting to discuss the topic in an EU sponsored workshop.

Item 3:    Secretary General summarised the developments concerning the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. He informed the Committee that the first issue is being widely distributed in the related conferences and workshops and that the second issue is already printed and is available to registered members in Kluwer web site and the third and the last issue of Volume 1 is almost ready to be forwarded to Kluwer. Up to the present 26 manuscripts were received. There are plans to publish special issues in the coming volumes. Some possible topics are: (1) Ambient sound measurements (on the outputs from Sesame Project); (2) 40 years after the Skopje Earthquake and (3) Microzonation case studies.

Item 4:    Secretary General informed the Committee about the applications received from Ukraine (Association for Ukrainian Earthquake Engineering), Georgia (Georgian National Committee of Earthquake Engineering & Engineering Seismology) and Kazakhstan (Public Regional Foundation for Development of Earthquake Engineering) national associations to become EAEE member associations. The Committee discussed and approved the applications of the three associations as the new National Members of EAEE. With the addition of three new members the number of National Members has increased to thirty two.

Item 5:    The Committee discussed the present situation concerning individual membership and alternative approaches to increase the individual membership. The Treasurer Rainer Flesch gave a summary of the budget. At the present 29 individual members, 5 national members and 2 organizational members have registered and paid their yearly membership dues. It was decided that all National Members need to pay their membership dues during the four years intervals between the conferences in order to keep their voting privileges in the EAEE General Assembly.

Item 6:    The Secretary General summarised the latest situation with the Task Groups. He mentioned that there are presently eight Task Groups that needs the approval of the Executive Committee for the extension of their activities.
The Committee discussed each Task Group and decided to modify the name of TG3 as “Structural Vulnerability and Earthquake Scenario” and to extend the activities of all present Task Groups.
The Committee also discussed the two proposals for establishing two new Task Groups.
The first proposal was submitted by Paolo Negro on Performance-Based Design. It was decided to establish Task Group as TG1 on “Performance-Based Design” with two Co-Coordinators Paolo Negro from JRC and Nuray Aydinoglu from Bogazici University.
The second proposal was submitted by Prof. P. Carydis to initiate a study group for the Vertical Earthquake Component”. The Committee approved the establishment of a new Task Group as TG4 on “Vertical Earthquake Component”.
With the addition of two new ones EAEE will have 10 Task Groups for 2002-2006 period as listed below.

TG1 on “Performance Based Design”, Coordinators P.Negro and N. Aydinoglu

TG2 on "Strong Motion Records for Engineering Applications", Coordinator: N.N. Ambraseys

TG3 on "Structural Vulnerability and Earthquake Scenario", Coordinator: M. Dolce

TG4 on “Effects of Earthquake Vertical Component” Coordinator: P.Carydis

TG5 on "Seismic Isolation of Structures", Coordinator: A. Martelli

TG6 on "Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering and Microzonation", Coordinator: A. Ansal

TG7 on "Development of Shaking Table Testing Techniques", Coordinator: R. T. Severn

TG8 on "Seismic Behaviour of Irregular and Complex Structures", Coordinator:  V. Rutenberg

TG9 on "Repair and Strengthening in Seismic Regions”, Coordinator: A. Castellani

TG10 on "Seismic Aspects of Historical Monument Preservation", Coordinator: C. Srymakezis

       The Executive Committee asked to Secretary General to inform all the Task Group Coordinators about the decision of the Committee and ask the Coordinators to prepare a work plan and list of possible activities for the 2002-2006 term.

Item 7:    The Vice-President Martin Koller summarised his activities concerning the organisation of the EAEE and ESC Joint conference in 2006. He informed the Committee that tentative arrangements have been made concerning the conference venue and initial discussions were started among the EAEE and ESC local organizers. The committee accepted to use the name “First European Conference on Earthquake Science and Engineering” as a merge of the XXX. General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission and the 13th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering.

Item 8:    The Secretary General informed the Committee about the ESC General Assembly that will be held in Postdam, Germany in September 2004. The Committee decided to support the ESC proposed joint symposiums to be organized by both organizations. Primarily:

    1. Urban earthquake risk scenarios (R.Spence, M.Erdik, D.Faeh) Joint SC-F ESC-EAEE

    and the two others:

    2. Strong motion data in the Euro-Mediterranean area: Acquisition and analysis (P.Suhadolc, A.Ansal)

    3. Recent developments in microzonation (A.Marcellini, K.Makropoulos, A.Ansal, S. Parolai)

    The Committee asked Secretary General to get in contact with the local organizers for scheduling of the joint symposium.

Item 9:    The Secretary General informed the Committee about the progress in the FP6 project “LessLoss”. Since large numbers of EAEE members are involved in this project, the Committee discussed the possibilities of taking part in the dissemination of the project results by organizing some joint seminars within the framework of the project. The Committee decided to inquire more information about the possibilities of joint activities between EAEE and LessLoss Project Coordination.

Item 10: Some possibilities were discussed concerning the EAEE Regional Seminars. Some possibilities mentioned were Lisbon and Reykjavik. The Committee asked the Secretary General to encourage all National Delegates about the Regional Seminars.

Item 11: Secretary General informed the Committee about the production the Bulletin of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering. The 2002 issue was printed and was distributed to all National and to all new individual members. Due to the excessive mailing costs it was decided to publish the Bulletin as an electronic news letter starting from 2003.

Item 12: The Committee reviewed the Guidelines for EAEE Conferences that was previously discussed during the first Executive Committee meeting held in London. Some modifications are made. The Committee asked the Secretary General to implement the recent modifications in the Guidelines and circulate the Guidelines among the Delegates to get their response before finalizing the document.

Item 13: It was tentatively decided to have the next EC meeting in Postdam September 18, 2004. The meeting ended with the thanks of the President to all participating members.

Epilogue : The second Meeting of the Executive Committee of the EAEE held in Geneva, was finalized with an dinner in an interesting Geneva Restaurant on Saturday night offered by the Geneva Tourist Office.

Atilla Ansal

Secretary General