Number : 3                             Date : August 4, 2004                            Place : Vancouver, Canada

Attendance :

Absentee :

Robin Spence, President

Panayotis Carydis, Vice President

Martin Koller, Vice President

 Rainer Flesch, Treasurer

Atilla Ansal, Secretary General

 Carlos Oliveira, Portugal

Mauro Dolce, Secretary


Pierre-Alain Nazé, France  

Peter Fajfar, Slovenia 


Rafael Blasquez, Spain

Roger Musson, ESC Representative  

Prologue :

The third Meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering was held in Vancouver, Canada during the 13 WCEE on Wednesday August 4, 2004 between 12:00 and 14:00 hours. The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President.

Agenda :

1.        Approval of the Agenda

2.        Report by the President-EAEE Policy Statement on Earthquake Safety

3.        Joint EAEE & ESC Conference in 2006

4.        Guidelines for EAEE Conferences

5.        Contacts and initiatives with EU

6.        Membership

7.        Budget

8.        Regional Seminars

9.        Task Groups

10.     Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering

11.     News Letter

12.     Miscellaneous

Item 1:    The Agenda of the Meeting was approved by all members present.

Item 2:    The President summarised his efforts and his approach in preparing the EAEE Earthquake Mitigation Policy Statement. There was a general agreement among the members of the Executive Committee concerning the text prepared by the President and it was decided to finalize the text by the fourth Executive Committee Meeting to be held in Potsdam. The dissemination activities and relationships with EU and with related EU Directorates were discussed briefly. It was also decided to investigate the possibility of organising an EU supported workshop on the related topic similar to the one previously organised in Belgrate, Italy.

Item 3:    The Vice-President Martin Koller gave a brief explanation about the developments concerning the organisation of the joint EAEE and ESC conference in 2006. The first announcement was circulated to all participants of 13WCEE. He informed the Committee about the activities related to the organisation of the conference. He mentioned that it is envisaged to have the second circular containing more detailed information within the next 12 months. The Committee members exchanged opinions concerning the organisation of the joint conference.

Item 4:    The Committee discussed the latest version of the “Guidelines for EAEE Conferences” and approved the existing text with few corrections. The Secretary General will prepare the final version and will forward to EC members for the final approval.

Item 5:    Secretary General informed EC about his experience with EU FP6 Marie Curie training courses. He suggested that each EAEE Task Group could apply for these FP6 calls for financing some training activities. It was decided to discuss this option in more detail in the next EC Meeting in Potsdam based on the draft proposal to be prepared by the Secretary General.

Item 6:    The Secretary General informed the Committee about the present situation concerning individual memberships and the difficulties encountered. He expressed the need of the support of the National Delegates to increase the number of individual memberships.

Item 7:    The Secretary General informed the Executive Committee briefly about the present situation concerning the budget. It was decided to discuss in more detail with the presence of the Treasurer in the fourth EC meeting in Potsdam.

Item 8:    It was suggested that one possibility for organising the regional seminars could be during the National Earthquake Engineering Conferences. It was decided to convey this suggestion to all National Delegates. The possibility of preparing a proposal for Marie Curie Training Courses to be submitted to EU for funding to conduct EAEE Regional Seminars was discussed briefly and it was decided to consider this issue in the forthcoming fourth EC meeting in Potsdam.

Item 9:    The recently established Task Group TG1 had their first meeting during the Bled Workshop. It was decided to prepare a special issue for BEE in 2006. The third workshop for TG9 was announced to be held in Thessaloniki Greece during 2005.

Item 10: The Secretary General summarised the developments concerning the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering. The first volume has been completed in early 2004. The first and second issues of Vol. 2 are in the publication process and the third issue will be forwarded to the publisher in few weeks. Up to the present 46 manuscripts were received. 24 manuscripts have been reviewed and accepted for publication. 15 manuscripts are published in Volume 1 and the remaining 9 manuscripts are in the process of publication. 15 are in the review stage and 6 were declined and 1 was withdrawn.

Item 11: Secretary General informed the Committee about the preparations for printing the EAEE News Letter that will be replacing the Bulletin of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering. It will be an electronic news letter but it will also be published to be distributed among members and in related conferences.

Item 12: One of the suggestions was to encourage poster presentations of the EAEE TGs in the future WCEEs.

    The proposal of Hellenic Society of Earthquake Engineering to appoint Prof Andreas J Kappos as the delegate of the HSEE is approved by the EC.

    It was decided to have the next EC meeting in Potsdam September 15, 2004.

Epilogue : The third Meeting of the Executive Committee of the EAEE held in Vancouver was finalized. The meeting ended with the thanks of the President to all participating members.

Atilla Ansal

Secretary General