Number : 4                             Date : September 15, 2004                            Place : Potsdam, Germany

Attendance :

Absentee :

Robin Spence, President

Martin Koller, Vice President

Panayotis Carydis, Vice President

 Mauro Dolce, Secretary

Atilla Ansal, Secretary General

 Carlos Oliveira, Portugal

Rainer Flesch, Treasurer Pierre-Alain Nazé, France
Roger Musson, ESC Representative

Peter Fajfar, Slovenia 


Rafael Blasquez, Spain

Prologue :

The fourth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering was held in Potsdam, Germany during the 29th General Assembly of the European Seismological Commission on Wednesday September 15, 2004 between 17:00 and 20:00 hours. The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President.

Agenda :

1.	Approval of the Agenda
2.	Approval of the Minutes of the Third Executive Committee Meeting 
3.	Report by the President-EAEE Policy Statement on Earthquake Safety
4.	Joint EAEE & ESC Conference in 2006
5.	Report of the Central Office Activities for the term Sep. 2002 – Sep. 2004
6.	Membership
7.	Budget
8.	Marie Curie proposal for Regional Task Group Seminars
9.	Task Groups
10.	News Letter
11.	Miscellaneous

Item 1: The Agenda of the Meeting was approved by all the members present. 

Item 2: The Minutes of the Third Executive Committee Meeting was approved by all the members present.

Item 3: The President summarised the final version of the EAEE Earthquake Mitigation Policy Statement.  It was decided to inform all the National Delegates about this document and ask them their support in translating it into their National languages and in distributing it to all related national organisations as well as to all related governmental agencies.  It is highly desirable to send this document to national media agencies like newspapers, radio and television stations to have it published or broadcasted.  The dissemination of the Policy Statement within related EU Directorates were discussed and the President has taken this responsibility and also to investigate the possibility of organising an EU supported workshop on the topic similar to the one previously organised in Belgrate, Italy.

       It was also decided to give a positive response to the invitation of Brian Tucker of GeoHazards International to establish an International Federation for the advocacy of the earthquake mitigation to be discussed in the meeting to be held during the SSA meeting in April, 2005 in Reno, Nevada, USA.  It was decided to support the travel expenses of at least one EC member to attend the Reno meeting.

Item 4: The Secretary General and Roger Musson presented briefly the developments concerning the organisation of the joint EAEE and ESC conference in 2006.  The EC was informed that the first announcement was also circulated to all participants of 29th ESC General Assembly.  

       The possibility of organising the traditional ESC Training Course jointly by ESC and EAEE in Geneva was discussed and possible mutual topics were considered.  It was decided to discuss this issue with the local organising committee in order to find an applicable solution.

Item 5: Secretary General presented the Report of the Central Office Activities for the term Sep. 2002 – Sep. 2004 summarising the present situation concerning to the Task Group activities, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering and EAEE New Letter. 

Item 6: The Secretary General informed the Committee about the difficulties encountered in collecting membership dues from the National Members Associations.  He also pointed out difficulties in increasing the number of individual memberships.  It was decided that Central Office should send invoices to all National Member Associations every six months and urge them to pay their membership dues and inform them once more about the decision of the Executive Committee that all National Members need to pay their membership dues during the four year intervals between the conferences in order to keep their voting privileges in the next EAEE General Assembly.  It was also decided that the Central Office should send information concerning EAEE membership and about its benefits to all participants of the recently held conferences via e-mail or surface mail when addresses are available.

Item 7: The Treasurer Prof. Rainer Flesch informed the Executive Committee about the present situation concerning the budget.  He presented the budget for the term of 2002-2004.  The budget was approved by the Executive Committee. 

       It appeared necessary to increase the present capabilities of the Central Office in the light of the need to increase the communication with the National Member Associations, as well as the additional effort that is needed to increase the number of individual memberships and for the preparation of the EAEE News Letter and for the improvement of the EAEE web pages. Thus it was decided to support a part time assistant for the Central Office for 250 Euros per month.

Item 8: The Secretary General informed EC about the conditions and requirements concerning the project proposals for the FP6 Marie Curie training courses.  The Executive Committee decided to prepare a proposal for April 2005 to organise at least 4 consecutive training courses involving Task Groups TG1, TG3, TG4, TG6, TG8, TG9, and TG10.  The Secretary General were given the responsibility to prepare the first rough draft to be approved by the EC that later will be forwarded to the related TG coordinators to get their support and input.  It was decided that the proposal should be sent to EU by the institutes of the EC members where EAEE could be presented as the umbrella organisation.

Item 9: The activities of the Task Groups are discussed and it was decided that the Secretary General should inform all TG Coordinators about the submission of the yearly activity reports as stated in the EAEE Guidelines for the Task Groups.

Item 10: The Secretary General presented his proposals concerning the contents of the EAEE News Letter.  It was decided to prepare the first News Letter, in the form similar to the document prepared by ESC, explaining the structure and major activities of EAEE.  

Item 11:  It was decided to have the next EC meeting in Geneva, Switzerland most likely in August or September 2005, depending on the programs and availability of the EC members.

Epilogue : The fourth Meeting of the Executive Committee of the EAEE held in Potsdam was finalized.  The meeting ended with the thanks of the President to all participating members.  A dinner was organised by EAEE to all participating members.


Atilla Ansal

Secretary General