Number : 7                             Date : September 4, 2006                            Place : Geneva, Switzerland

Attendance :

Absentee :

Robin Spence, President

Pierre-Alain Nazé, France

Panayotis Carydis, Vice President


Martin Koller, Vice President


Atilla Ansal, Secretary General

Observers :
Rainer Flesch, Treasurer

Costas A. Syrmakezis (TG10 Coordinator)

Mauro Dolce, Secretary

Roy T. Severn (TG7 Coordinator)

Rafael Blasquez, Spain Mario De Stefano (TG8 Co-coordinator)
Peter Fajfar, Slovenia  Philippe Bisch, France
Carlos Oliveira, Portugal  
Roger Musson, ESC Representative  

Prologue :

The seventh and the last Executive Committee Meeting of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering for the 2002-2006 term was held in Geneva, Switzerland on Monday September 4, 2006 between 18:30 and 20:00 hours during the First Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology. The Executive Committee meeting was chaired by the President.

Agenda :

1. Approval of the Agenda
2. Endorsement of the Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings
3. Activities of Task Groups during 2002-2006
4. President’s Report for 2002-2006
5. Vice President’s Report about 1ECEES
6. Report on Central Office Activities for 2002-2006
7. Budget for 2003-2006
8. Application of Serbia to EAEE National Membership
9. Applications to organize the ECEE in 2010
10. Meeting of the Association Council of National Delegates
11. EAEE General Assembly
12. Miscellaneous

Item 1:   The draft agenda was rearranged and approved by all members present with general consensus to give the Task Group Coordinators precedence. 

Item 2:   The Minutes of the Executive Committee Meetings held during 2002-2006 period were endorsed and signed by all the Executive Committee Members.

Item 3:   Task Groups 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 were presented by either their Coordinators or Co-coordinators in the meeting.  All present TG Coordinators summarized their activities during the last four year and plans for the new term.  All of them expressed their interest to continue with their activities, stressing the need to obtain EU funds for research and training courses.

       Task Group Coordinators were previously asked to prepare a short "TG Report" summarising their activities during 2002-2006 and their activity plan for the next four years.  These reports are included in the Central Office Report.  The newly elected Executive Committee will review the achievements of each Task Group and will decide to end or extend the TG activities for one more term during their Second Meeting.

Item 4:   The President summarised his ongoing activities and the meetings that took place recently.  He mentioned briefly about the European Construction Technology Platform meeting where groups from different sectors of civil engineering would participate.  It was considered that first priority would be to develop a strategic research agenda and second priority could be to organise a steakholders meeting sometimes in the next six months where as EAEE the proposals for action in earthquake risk reduction at the European level will be presented based on the conclusions of the Workshop held in Lisbon.  The president informed Ex.Com that EAEE was invited to the Working Group on Natural and Man-made Hazards of the European Construction Technology Platform to represent earthquake hazards perspective.

       The workshop to present the EAEE proposals on Earthquake Risk Reduction in Europe to European Parliamentarians was decided to take place in Brussels at the beginning of the next year.  Information was given on this subject by Rainer Flesch, who with Robin Spence, and Carlos Oliveria was previously appointed by the Ex.Com as the contact committee.

Item 5:   The Vice President Martin Koller informed the Executive Committee concerning the organization of the First European Conference on Earthquake Engineering and Seismology and summarised the present status with respect to registration and other details.

       He explained briefly difficulties encountered to harmonise the traditions of both organisers in conference details and also concerning the differences between administrative approaches of two associations.  Despite all the difficulties, the organizers were able to find the moderate ways of solving all the problems and they are supporting the continuity of the joint events.  That was the reason why a balloting was initiated among the conference participants to find out the preference of the participants.  

       It was suggested that Vice President should prepare a short report concerning the significant points regarding the organisation and the solutions adopted to give guidance and clues to the next joint conference organizers.

Item 6:   The Report of the Central Office Activities for September 2002 – September 2006 was presented briefly by the Secretary General.  The main points during the presentation and the decisions of the Ex.Com can be summarised as:

Item 7:   Secretary General presented the budget report for the past four year period prepared by Central Office composed of annual income and expenditure tables.  Income is only composed of membership dues and main expenditures are payment to Springer and salary payment to Central Office part time secretary starting from 2004.  For this transition period, since Audit Committee will be elected in the forthcoming GA, Philippe Bisch (EAEE President for 1998-2002) and Emilia Juhasova (Executive Committee Member for 1994-2002) were asked to audit the budget for the General Assembly.

       Secretary General explained the details concerning the income and expenditures:  Executive Committee approved the budget and the expenses for the preparation of the posters for the EAEE booth and for the printing of the last Newsletter that will be distributed during the conference. 

Item 8: The complete membership application of the newly established Serbian Association (SAEE) was received by the Central Office. Executive Committee voted unanimously in favour and Serbian Association was accepted as 33rd National Member of EAEE. The Committee decided to ask Serbian Association membership dues for 2006 and to invite them to the Association Council Meeting and to the General Assembly.

Item 9:   Two applications were received to organise the next ECEE: (1) Macedonia proposed Skopje and (2) Italy proposed ROME to organise the conference in 2010.  The Executive Committee approved the candidacy of Macedonia and Italy and decided to submit both candidates to the Association Council where both candidates are expected to make their presentations after which there will be voting.

Item 10: Ex.Com approved the Agenda of the Association Council meeting and the suggestion of the Secretary General to take some nominations in the Association Council and approach the General Assembly with a list of candidates for both Executive Committee and Audit Committee that could be modified in the General Assembly.  It was also agreed not to elect more than one member in the Executive Committee and Audit Committee from the same country. 

Item 11: Ex.Com approved the suggestion to propose Robin Spence as the chairman, Atilla Ansal as the vice-chairman and Gökçe Tönük as the Secretary to the General Assembly in accordance with the new EAEE Statutes.  The Agenda of GA is approved, giving Martin Koller the first presentation since he has to attend ESC General Assembly, followed by the presentations from President, Secretary General and the Auditors.  

Epilogue: The seventh meeting of the Executive Committee held in Geneva was finalized.  The meeting ended with the thanks of the President to all members for all their efforts and contributions during the past four years. 


Atilla Ansal

Secretary General