Dear Colleagues,

                We announce the publication of a new CD ROM of strong-motion data entitled ‘Dissemination of European Strong-Motion Data, vol. 2, using Strong-Motion Datascape Navigator’.

                 This CD is a follow-up to the CD ROM ‘Dissemination of European Strong-Motion Data’ released in 2000 and also follows on from the establishment of the ‘Internet Site for European Strong-motion Data’ in 2002.

                 This new CD ROM contains corrected acceleration, velocity and displacement time-histories of 462 triaxial strong-motion records from 110 earthquakes and 261 stations in Europe and the Middle East. These records have been corrected using filters whose cut-off frequencies have been individually selected by a consideration of the signal-to-noise ratio.

                 In addition, it also contains

     Linear elastic response spectra,

     Inelastic (elastoplastic) constant strength spectra and

     Inelastic (elastoplastic) constant ductility spectra.

                 The associated earthquake, station and waveform parameters of these 462 records are also present on the CD ROM so that full use can be made of the data. These data and the Eurasian data for which most information exists, were selected using strict criteria.  The data can be viewed and analyzed using the Strong-Motion Datascape Navigator (SMDN) software written specially for this project and provided on this CD ROM. SMDN allows to export the time-histories, spectra and the associated parameters of records to ASCII files in a standard format. SMDN can also be used to view and analyze data downloaded from the Internet Site for European Strong-motion Data (

               This project was funded by a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the UK [contract GR/52114/01 (P)], who we thank for their support. There are too many individuals and organizations, to which we are grateful for data and help, to mention here but these are listed on the ISESD website ( and in the manual of the new CD ROM.

                This CD ROM is being provided free-of-charge to any individual or organization that requests a copy. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please write to the partner of this project that is responsible for dissemination in your region. The partners are:


N. N. Ambraseys ( and J. Douglas (Imperial College London).

          Responsible for dissemination to: the UK, Ireland and other countries not listed below.


R. Sigbjörnsson ( ) (University of Iceland).

          Responsible for dissemination to: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark


C. Berge-Thierry ( (IRSN).

          Responsible for dissemination to: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain and Portugal


P. Suhadolc ( and G. Costa (University of Trieste).

          Responsible for dissemination to: Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia & Montenegro, Greece and other Central and Eastern European countries


P. M. Smit ( (National Emergency Operations Centre).

         Responsible for dissemination to: Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


                Thank you.

Yours sincerely, N. N. Ambraseys, J. Douglas, R. Sigbjörnsson, C. Berge-Thierry, P. Suhadolc, G. Costa, P. Smit