Rules for EAEE Task Groups 

(Adopted in September 2008)

Article 1. The Task Groups of the European Association for Earthquake Engineering are established by the decision of the Executive Committee upon the proposal by a National or Organisational or Individual Member. The objectives and the organisation of the Task Group should be summarised in the proposal.

Article 2. The Task Groups are expected to carry out realistic number of below suggested activities:

Article 3. Task Groups may be formed for establishing close co-operation among Individual, Organisational and National Members and other international organisations on topics related to earthquake engineering.

Article 4. Task Groups shall be composed of experts willing to cooperate closely with the Executive Committee and are willing to organise the TG activities within the framework of “Rules for EAEE Task Groups”.

Article 5. The term of all Task Groups end by the beginning of the first upcoming European Conference on Earthquake Engineering organised by EAEE every four years.

Article 6. The newly elected Executive Committee shall review the achievements of each Task Group and shall decide to extend or end the mission of each TG, depending upon the needs of the Association.

Article 7. Each Task Group is coordinated by a Coordinator or Co-Coordinators (in case of joint Task Groups with other international organisations) and depending upon areas of interest and geographical distribution to improve regional activities and existing bilateral or regional collaborations.

Article 8. Each TG Coordinator shall submit a work plan with a list of programmed activities, a budget and estimated financial support that can be obtained from national or international sources, to the Executive Committee by the end of September every two years.

Article 9. The Coordinator or Co-Coordinator from EAEE are nominated by the Executive Committee and are appointed by the President. The members of each Task Group can be nominated by the National Committees or the Coordinator for the approval of the Executive Committee.

Article 10. A member of the Task Group may be deleted from the membership list with the recommendation of the Coordinator by the Executive Committee if he or she does not contribute to Task Group activity for more than two years.